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Typical Views Around The Parish Of St Ouen

St. Ouen is a very special parish. It has a variety of coastline including golden sandy beaches (St. Ouen's Bay and Greve de Lecq) as well as steep cliffs and caves (Plemont). It is a rural parish with farms, a large pond, orchids, a common, a large reservoir and many cliff paths. Grosnez Castle stands on the edge of the cliff on Les Landes Common at the most North-Westerly point of the island. Reminders of our ancient ancestry can be found at Grantez Dolmen and Le Pinnacle at Les Landes. Other links to the not-so-distant past can be seen in the WWII obersvation tower at Les Landes and the St. Ouen panel of the Occupation tapestry. Other notable points include the millenium stone and cross, the Parish Hall, St. Ouen's Manor, 'The Seagull', as well as the many beautiful views around the lanes and on the coast. Fantastic views of St. Ouen's Bay can be seen from St. Ouen's Church itself, as it stands high over the bay.